A Quick Look at Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Online Presence on the Day She Announces Her Exploratory Committee for President

On December 29th, it was noticed that the Twitter account for Senator Elizabeth Warren was renamed from “elizabethforma” to “ewarren.”

The following Monday, Senator Warren announced the launch of an exploratory committee for President with footage from her kitchen.

By day’s end, Elizabeth Warren was again in her kitchen and live on Instagram.

A main focus on her site, elizabethwarren.com, is a video with a dark blue tinted overlay that makes a series of statements ending with a question: “Will you join our fight?” in a pale green.

New York Magazine correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti noticed that the site includes essentially a feedback form:

The three prioritized choices correspond to how strongly you support her potential presidential candidacy at this time:

For those that are “all in”:

Screen capture of https://elizabethwarren.com/#all-in-step-1

For those that are unsure:

Screen capture of https://elizabethwarren.com/#not-sure-step-1

For those that are not supportive at all:

Screen capture of https://elizabethwarren.com/#not-in-step-1

The site also includes a very short bio, ability to sign up for email updates, links to social media profiles, a link to an ActBlue donation page, a link to a “Fact Squad” micro-site, ability to sign-up to work on the campaign, and various policies (example: privacy policy).

According to data provided by BuiltWith, the site is built with WordPress with analytics connections to Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The store, shop.elizabethwarren.com, uses Shopify. Additional details on the BuiltWith website.

Colors used on the site include:

  • Pale green (#b7e4cf)
  • Red (#b61b28)
  • Dark blue / black (#232444)

Fonts include:

  • Ringside Compressed A
  • Ringside Regular A
  • Ringside Extra Wide SSm A

A Spanish version of the site is also available.

For more, see these snapshots of her site and store.

Published January 1, 2019

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