Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Campaign Website

Representative Tulsi Gabbard announced mid-January that she is running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for President. She represents Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

Representative Kirsten Tulsi Gabbard’s Website

Her site,, consists of a main page with links to other sites for donating and volunteering. There is also a privacy policy.

  • Donate:
  • Volunteer:
  • Spanish:
  • Contribute Now:
  • Privacy Policy:
Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s Site for President

Content is available in Spanish.

There is no visible online store or links to any social media profiles.

No pop-ups appeared while looking at the site.



The minimal site uses black and gray. It features Representative Tulsi Gabbard wearing a red jacket. Her logo also uses yellow, orange, red, and dark blue / black.

Colors used on the site include:

  • Reds: #ee3831, #d41912
  • Blues: #0032a0, #164177
  • Grays: #838383; color: rgba(102,102,102,0.4)
  • Blacks: #0c2340


Fonts used on the site include:

  • Harmonia Sans
  • Harmonia Sans Mono
  • Neue Swift


For more, see these snapshots of Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s site.

Technology Powering Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s Website

Details on technology and services in use by the site and its servers available on the BuiltWith website.

Published January 20, 2019
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