About Election Season

How candidates present themselves and use technology as part of their political campaigns fascinates me. In 2015, I began screencapturing candidate websites and social media profiles, some of which has been shared online.

I’ve also created resources and tutorials on how to build and maintain a campaign website. This information is based on observations from other campaigns and personal experience.

As you use this site, keep in mind that:

  • Your mileage may vary, as the needs, goals, and budget of each campaign is unique
  • While many of the articles focus on WordPress websites, there is content that is relevant to sites built on other platforms (examples: Wix and Squarespace as well as campaign-centric platforms (examples: NationBuilder).
  • This site does not offer detailed information or advice about local, state, or federal laws that may impact your campaign. At times, there may be hints, such as to include appropriate “paid for language” on one’s site.
  • Do your own due diligence. Items listed on the site — especially links to other service providers or services — do not equal endorsements.

If you are interested in being notified when more content is available, please sign up for updates. Email addresses will not be shared or sold. Other feedback or questions? Contact me.

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